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Category: Diagnostics

ADC 6022 Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is an ideal solution for in-home or on-the-go blood pressure monitoring. The compact, lightweight digital blood pressure monitor allows convenient portability with its included soft carry case with an integrated cuff storage compartment.

The ADC Advantage Plus offers a simple one step auto-inflation feature as well as automatic deflation for fast, effortless use. The ADC6022 measures systolic and diastolic pressure as well as pulse and irregular heartbeat detection for superior cardiovascular monitoring. An automatic memory allows the 6022 Blood Pressure Monitor to store up to 99 readings for two users with date and time. For increased memory capacity, optional PC link software with a USB cable may be purchased to synchronize the blood pressure monitor with online personal health information databases.

Featuring an extra large digital display and oversized function buttons, the ADC Advantage Plus is easy to read and operate. Included with the 6022 is a soft, wide range nylon D-bar cuff which fits 8 to 16 inch arms. The latex-free 6022 Blood Pressure Monitor meets ANSI/AAMI SP 10 requirements and is manufactured by an ISO 9001 registered company.


  • Measures systolic, diastolic pressure, and pulse
  • Smart Logic Technology determines ideal inflation level
  • Automatic inflation and deflation control
  • Average mode automatically averages 3 readingsIrregular Heartbeat detector
  • Self-adjusting extended range latex-free D-Bar cuff fits arm ranges from 8.7” to 16.5” (22.1cm to 42cm)
  • Advanced 2 zone memory with date and time stamp recalls last 99 readings for two different people
  • Auto-off
  • Material: Latex Free
  • Measures systolic and diastolic pressure and pulse
  • MAM: Advantage Averaging Mode - a single measurement is rarely your real result. The American Heart Assoc. recommends 2 or more readings with the average being your real result. This feature takes three consecutive measurements and calculates the average.
  • Irregular heartbeat detection - detects the appearance of an irregular heartbeat during measurement and gives a warning signal with your reading.
  • One step auto inflationAutomatically stores 99 readings with date and time stamp for 2 users
  • Extra large display

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