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About Us

Our History

H.O.M.E. is a JCAHO Accredited durable medical equipment provider.  We provide a wide range of medical equipment and supplies and specialize in oxygen therapy and clinical respiratory services.  We also have an on-site equipment repair service. H.O.M.E. employs a staff of approximately 20 employees, is very patient oriented and meeting the medical needs of our community and surrounding area in the most professional way is our goal.

H.O.M.E.  began in 1984 with the standard equipment, hospital beds, wheelchairs, canes, walkers, commodes, etc.  We still provide this service to our area with emphasis on finding quality equipment rather than finding the best price.

We have provided oxygen therapy and clinical respiratory services since our inception with full time certified respiratory therapists on staff.  Oxygen patients are seen on a scheduled basis.  The RT’s evaluate the patient and when requested provide documentation of condition to the patient’s  physician.  They also evaluate the equipment while in the home to be certain that it is meeting the Doctor’s order, as well as the Manufactures and our high standard of quality output.

We keep a wide range of oxygen and respiratory equipment on hand for immediate delivery.  This equipment includes, but is not limited to oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen systems, liquid oxygen systems, nebulizers, apnea monitors,  suction units, CPAP, BIPAP, and BIPAP/ST.

Customer service is always our first priority with our office open five days a week.  In addition, we provide 24 hours per day emergency service.  Our customer service representatives make a follow up call after placement of equipment to verify patient satisfaction with the item.  We cover a ten-county area on scheduled routes, but can be anywhere in the area on a daily basis.

H.O.M.E.’s equipment is serviced on site by a trained equipment technician and keeps our equipment at top performance. H.O.M.E. repairs and services most all privately owned durable medical equipment.

The needs of our rural area are quite varied, and by coordinating our service with the local hospitals and home health agencies we can provide all-inclusive service adequate to meet those needs.

How can Heart of the Ozarks Medical Equipment serve you today? Please contact us with questions and visit the Heart of the Ozarks Medical Equipment online catalog to see more products and what we offer.